Freedom of expression under threat

Bloggers in Bangladesh are no strangers to death threats and assassination attempts by religious fanatics/Islamic millitants. There is a hitlist that exists that contains the names of at least 84 bloggers, out of which at 9 have been murdered. Anyone who expresses a critical view of religion is exposed and under watch. Their threats are so common and frequent that they have even stopped counting them.


Rashida Ahmed

Rashida Ahmed remains defiant

Bangladesh is a secular country but over 90% of it’s population is Muslim. Publicly declaring that you’re an atheist is a taboo, in this part of the world. And that’s what Avijit Roy did. He started Mukto-Mona, an online portal that “promote science, rationalism, secularism, freethinking, human rights, religious tolerance, and harmony”. Roy was murdered on his way home from a book fair in Dhaka in an attack that left his wife, Rafida Ahmed Bonna, badly injured.

There hasn’t been a single person charged over these murders even though relatives have filed criminal cases stating that they were killed by “extremist fanatic groups”. But Rashida Ahmed has not let the attacks scare her off; she remains defiant.

Watch her interview with Deutsche Welle here:


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